Ministry Coordinator Email Address Monthly Meeting
Date & Time
Bereavement Deaconess Jewel Gorham bereavement@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Business & Entrepreneurship Minister Brenda Shields businessentrepreneurship@thetempleofpraise.org 4th Thursday @ 6:30pm
Christian Education Pastor Jackie Jiles christianeducation@thetempleofpraise.org Once every quarter
Dance Minister Sabrina Clark dance@thetempleofpraise.org Every Thursday @ 6:30pm
Diaconate Deacon Stevie Rousey diaconate@thetempleofpraise.org Saturday b4 1st Sunday @ 10am
Employment Deacon Chris Askew employment@thetempleofpraise.org Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm
Evangelism & outreach Minister Brenda Shields evangelismoutreach@thetempleofpraise.org 2nd & 4th Saturday @ 11am
Facilities Ministry Minister C.J. Dodds facilitiesministry@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
GAS Ensemble Minister Cynthia Butler gasensemble@thetempleofpraise.org 2nd & 4th Thursday’s bi-monthly
GAS Ministries Bookstore Elder Marsha’ Rosser gasministriesbookstore@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Glen Staples Institute Pastor Al & Jackie Jiles glenstaplesinstitute@thetempleofpraise.org July 24-August 1
Hall Monitors & Volunteers Deacon Louis Thompson hallmonitorsvolunteers@thetempleofpraise.org 3rd Thursday @ 7pm
Hospitality Pastor Phyllis Wingard hospitality@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
The Joshua Project joshuaproject@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Marriage Sis. Dee & Bro. Jewpriece Huntley marriage@thetempleofpraise.org 2nd Saturday @ 10am
Media Bro. Lavelle Fletcher media@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Men’s Deacon Gary Vailor mens@thetempleofpraise.org 1st & 3rd Saturday @ 10am
Ministerial Staff Pastor W. Lamar Staples ministerialstaff@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Music Ministry Professor Carnel Davis musicministry@thetempleofpraise.org Every Tuesday @ 7pm
New Members Pastor Al Jiles newmembers@thetempleofpraise.org 1st Saturday @ 10am
Nurse’s Sis. Brenda Hall nurses@thetempleofpraise.org 4th Saturday @12pm
Outreach Ministry outreachministry@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Prison Ministry Deacon Gary Vailor prisonministry@thetempleofpraise.org 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Promise Partner’s Elder Marsha’ Rosser promisepartners@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Security Minister Marcel Joyner security@thetempleofpraise.org 3rd Tuesday @ 7:30pm
Sunday School Deacon John Augustus sundayschool@thetempleofpraise.org Once every Quarter
Transportation Deacon Terry Garner transportation@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Travel Vacant travel@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Usher’s Deacon Mary Dasher ushers@thetempleofpraise.org 4th Saturday @ 10am
Village Project Minister Rob & Hilary Garner villageproject@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Women’s Minister Pamela Hayes Womensministry@thetempleofpraise.org TBA
Youth & Young Adult Elder Renee Sally youthandyoungadult@thetempleofpraise.org TBA

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