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The Temple of Praise congregation is a living testament to Gods bountiful grace and mercy. A place where God is glorified and miracles are manifested. Under the leadership of Bishop Glen A. Staples, who is known across the world for his passion to win souls to Christ, many have been saved and lives have been transformed. Through his teaching of the Holy Bible and the invoking of the Holy Spirit, the Temple is known for it’s call for high praise and worship. The Temple is a place where dreams have been realized through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Heavenly Father - we come humbly before you, petitioning and interceding on behalf of those affected by the hurricane, storms, and floods in Houston, and surrounding communities.

We pray for the safety of everyone navigating the dangerous conditions throughout the storm and its aftermath. We pray for those throughout the Gulf coast and who remain In the storms path.

Father, we ask that you bless and minister to those who have lost homes, precious belongings and even loved ones. Bring together those families who may have been separated as a result of the storms and the floods. Give them courage and increase their faith as they trust in you to provide for all of their needs. Save those who need to be saved; heal those who need to be healed; grant shelter to those who need shelter - give food to those who need to be fed -in the name of Jesus.

Father strengthen the government officials, volunteers, first responders, and all workers who are in place and who have traveled to help, guide, and provide support to the residents. Provide Texas, New Orleans, and all areas affected with all of the resources that they need to serve and assists. Grant wisdom to all of the decision makers - we pray that they make wise decisions about how to help all victims - and wisely and fairly distribute aide and assistance.

Lastly Father-Grant unshakable peace and rid the storm’s victims of the spirit of fear and trepidation. Remind them that YOU are well able to restore anything and everything that they may have lost. Remind them that you said in your word that you would never leave them or forsake them. Strengthen them on their path to recovery - in the Name of Jesus!

We thank you Father for we know you can do anything but fail- and that with you all things are possible. We love honor and adore you - it's in Jesus Name that we pray - AMEN!

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